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Delivery Method


 IndexLastHighLowChg. %Time
 TR UK 10 Years Government Benchmark819.792819.792819.7920.00%03/05 
 FTSE Actuaries Govt Securities UK Linked over 5 ye501.52501.52501.52+0.54%02/05 
 Short Treas 7-10T83.5583.5583.55-0.37%31/05 
 SGI Double Short 10Y US Treasuries81.4681.4681.46+0.00%25/10 
 TR US 10 Year Government Benchmark579.316579.316579.3160.00%03/05 
 TR Canada 10 Years Government Benchmark813.285813.285813.2850.00%03/05 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 5 10 Y283.335283.335283.335+0.35%01/05 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 7 10 Y288.541288.541288.541+0.41%01/05 
 TR Canadian All Bond 5 10 Y233.907233.907233.907+0.40%01/05 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 10+ Y322.647322.647322.647+0.63%01/05 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 10+ Y318.221318.221318.221+0.56%01/05 
 TR Canadian All Bond 10+ Y272.598272.598272.598+0.78%01/05 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 5 10 Y271.934271.934271.934+0.36%01/05 
 TR Canadian All Bond 7 10 Y240.892240.892240.892+0.44%01/05 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 7 10 Y286.537286.537286.537+0.40%01/05 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 5 10 Y197.169197.169197.169+0.40%01/05 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 7 10 Y207.706207.706207.706+0.43%01/05 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 10+ Y230.646230.646230.646+0.81%01/05 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 5 10 Y293.718293.718293.718+0.34%01/05 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 7 10 Y298.714298.714298.714+0.41%01/05 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 10+ Y326.712326.712326.712+0.64%01/05 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 5 10 Y244.834244.834244.834+0.42%01/05 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 7 10 Y249.622249.622249.622+0.46%01/05 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 10+ Y274.258274.258274.258+0.81%01/05 
 TR Sweden 10 Years Government Benchmark995.326995.326995.3260.00%03/05 
 MTS Italy BOT Ex Bank of Italy324.23324.23324.23+0.04%01/12 
 MTS Italy 10y Government Bond286.22286.22286.22+0.97%01/12 
 TR Italy 10 Years Government Benchmark1,116.6371,116.6371,116.6370.00%03/05 
 TR Switzerland 10 Years Government Benchmark365.282365.282365.2820.00%03/05 
 Nifty GS 10Yr2,281.242,281.922,280.18+0.08%03/05 
 Nifty 10 Year Benchmark G Sec Clean Price871.04871.30870.64+0.08%03/05 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 5-10 PR103.59103.77103.41+0.20%02/05 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 10+ PR105.99106.37105.51+0.46%02/05 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 1-10 PR86.2786.3686.17+0.14%02/05 
 EB REXX Germany 5.5-10.5 PR113.18113.36112.94+0.23%02/05 
 TR Germany 10 Years Government Benchmark548.556548.556548.5560.00%03/05 
 EUROGOV Fance 1-10Y Price80.747780.766080.6400+0.18%22/03 
 Eb.Rexx Government Germany 5.5-10.5 TR212.6846213.0160212.2440+0.24%02/05 
 TR Netherlands 10 Years Government Benchmark610.943610.943610.9430.00%03/05 
 Deut Börse EUROGOV France 5-10 TR231.45231.54230.88+0.30%22/03 
 TR France 10 Years Government Benchmark739.202739.202739.2020.00%03/05 
 Tel Gov - CPI Linked 5-10364.7365.2363.7+0.28%02/05 
 Tel Gov - CPI Linked 10+361.2362.3359.8+0.48%02/05 
 Tel Gov - Shekel 5+576.6576.9574.6+0.39%02/05 
 TR Denmark 10 Years Government Benchmark740.195740.195740.1950.00%03/05 
 TR Australia 10 Years Government Benchmark1,268.2461,268.2461,268.2460.00%03/05 
 TR Spain 10 Years Government Benchmark1,156.6341,156.6341,156.6340.00%03/05 
 TR Ireland 10 Years Government Benchmark831.500831.500831.5000.00%03/05 
 TR Belgium 10 Years Government Benchmark768.478768.478768.4780.00%03/05 
 TR Japan 10 Years Government Benchmark318.748318.748318.7480.00%03/05 
 SSE Enterprise Bond239.15239.15239.15+0.01%30/04 
 SSE Convertible Bond350.61351.04349.83+0.27%30/04 
 SSE CB 30172.34172.34172.34+0.01%30/04 
 SSE Credit Bond 100189.56189.56189.52+0.02%30/04 
 Shanghai SE Treasury Bond211.85211.87211.76+0.04%30/04 
 SSE 5-Year Credit Bond237.66237.67237.66+0.01%30/04 
 TR Portugal 10 Years Government Benchmark858.841858.841858.8410.00%03/05 
 TR New Zealand 10 Years Government Benchmark928.085928.085928.0850.00%03/05 
 TR Greece 10 Years Government Benchmark364.430364.430364.4300.00%03/05 
 Tadawul Sukuk & Bonds877.97877.97874.56+0.39%02/05 
 TR Poland 10 Years Government Benchmark428.869428.869428.8690.00%03/05 
 TR Austria 10 Years Government Benchmark653.745653.745653.7450.00%03/05 
 TR Czech Republic 10 Years Government Benchmark302.404302.404302.4040.00%03/05 
 TR Norway 10 Years Government Benchmark546.222546.222546.2220.00%03/05 
 TR Finland 10 Years Government Benchmark693.814693.814693.8140.00%03/05 
 EuroMTS Eurozone IG 7-10Y Governmen242.63242.63242.63+0.82%01/12 
 TR Eurozone 10 Years Government Benchmark237.245237.245237.2450.00%03/05 
 FTSE MTS Eur Gov Bond IG 7-10Y Ex-CNO240.503240.503240.503+0.81%01/12 
 TR Hungary 10 Years Government Benchmark528.762528.762528.7620.00%03/05 
 TR South Africa 10 Years Government Benchmark1,013.8591,013.8591,013.8590.00%03/05 
 SBI Foreign AAA-BBB 5-10 TR139.09139.20138.86+0.03%03/05 
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